Our Story

'When one’s FREEDOM is challenged the urge to create is STRONGER'


That’s how behind closed doors a friendship dreamt of a Viking like era where men grew beards and relished in their longing for discovering new lands. Here in New Zealand, our male counterparts also share this fierce warrior like attitude and hence the name Fjord Beards Co.  


Fjord Beards Co.’s philosophy is to only use the highest quality ingredients that replicate our natural surroundings. Fresh scents that not only invigorate and compliment the modern man but seek to remind him where he’s from and to embrace his inner Viking.


“It’s not until you go on the journey yourself with growing a beard that you experience all the daily struggles; itching, trapped odours etc, that you know you really need a helping hand. We use and stand by our amazing range of products, knowing relief is a beard oil or balm away.”


At Fjord Beards Co. we place a greater importance on the essential grooming items a man needs on his bearded journey.


Prided on functionality, integrity, and honesty, we stand by our customer feedback to drive further research and development as Fjord Beards Co. continues to develop our range of premium men’s grooming products, including beard washes, leave-in conditioners, combs and brushes.


At Fjord Beards Co., we’re cruelty-free. Our beard products are tested on bearded men not animals. Our quality control with small batch production ensures freshness and a more customised feel.

Our customers always come first, so at any point you decide our product is not for you we will refund your money.


Jump onboard to try Fjord Beards Co products now and craft your best look.