Ever wondered how some guys grow those solid beards you covet? Well, the secret is to use great beard care products! Here's our top tips to growing and maintaining your beard.

Use a good beard oil or beard balm

Using a good-quality beard oil or balm really helps the growth and quality of your beard by stimulating the hair follicle above and beneath the skin. Not only that, but it also hydrates the hair and skin, which in turn eliminates the dreaded beard itch. And a plus for partners too, their woolly mammoth can now have beard hair that feels great and smells amazing too!

Find a product that's easy to use

Here at Fjord Beards Co, we get a lot of feedback from guys enjoying the mess-free spray applicator with our beard oil, which is a definite plus, as eyedroppers can get messy, and no one wants to stain their fresh threads.

Applying our beard oil is simple - spray a generous amount into the palm of your hand, then massage the oil through your beard right to the skin - works a treat! You want to use just enough so that it soaks into your skin and beard hair - don’t over oil! As your beard journey grows slowly adjust the amount of oil you use.

Applying our beard balm is also easy – simply scrape a small amount of balm out of the tin (equivalent to around half a thumbnail) and rub between your palms until melted, then massage through your beard right to the skin, until it is all absorbed.

Invest in a beard wash

Investing in a quality beard wash is also a must if you want to keep your beard looking, and smelling fresh. There are lots out there and it can come down to personal preference regarding scented or non-scented, but you should search out a wash that doesn’t strip the beard hair of its natural oils. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking for a beard conditioner as well.

Simple as!

Having the beard of your dreams really is that simple… use a good-quality beard wash in the shower, then apply a good-quality beard oil or a beard balm. Which one you choose comes down to personal preference, some guys prefer the feel of a balm over or an oil, but both will bring you that great feeling, great smelling beard you crave.