Before and After

Before and After


Your Bearded journey before coming across Fjord Beards Co's range of beard care products would no doubt been a tad drab. I mean, you may have had a solid beard however it probably was attracting birds of the feather kind, a nest and trap for everyday food odours. It would be coarse and bushy to feel and definitely wouldn't go down well with your significant other.

Your skin would feel dry, flakey and itch like crazy, but you still felt like it was a manly journey you were on, and this was part of your right of passage. Your wooly mammoth had taken you down a dark and at times difficult road with feeling irritated by the itch and somewhat brushed aside by others who got too close and got a whiff of the birds' nest now growing on your face. A swipe of your tongue hits your overgrown un-groomed mo and flavours from breakfast, lunch and dinner from the day before rear their heads on your tastebuds ...... alas it's all too much and you break grabbing the clippers like Samson!,  Shaving off a beard that could have been saved by using Fjord Beards Co's three basic steps.


Let's rewind this story a little here, to the point when you were a little down and out on you bearded journey and you came across the basics by Fjord Beards Co. Well, more Essentials than basics really.

So, step one, you hot-wash your beard in the shower and apply our Award-winning beard wash - the scent is warm and your beard is cleaned of all the trapped food and odours but the hair follicle has not been totally stripped of the natural oil it produces.

Next you follow through with step two, which has you pumping a beard oil into the palm of your hand from the Fjord Beards Co mess-free pump spray applicator. You then massage this through your beard right to the skin hydrating your beard making it no longer coarse but soft and way more manageable - you have chosen a scent that best compliments your skin from our three scents we offer (Skagerrak - Hygge - Rollagsfjell). Already your skin feels less irritable because of the natural oils of Jojoba, Argan and Avocado that we use in our blend. Your smiling, feeling invigorated by the scent you have chosen - A wave of new confidence warms all your senses.

The next step of your beard makeover is handled by a trained professional your local barber begins to shape and groom your once bushy wooly mammoth into a work of art.

The last step, or helping hand is our amazing Fjord Beards Co beard balm - you scrape a generous amount into the palm of your hand and warm it up and begin to apply it to you beard to give it the hold and shape that you desire. You're done! and the nightmare you were about to embark on has been replaced with a beard routine that will have you beaming with confidence ready to smash out whatever your day throws at ya! 

Fjord Beards Co Products here to save, nurture and grow solid beards for those who seek out the very best in men's grooming products.