Fjord Beards Co. decided to put their reputation on the line this year and enter the inaugural 2022 BEARD AWARDS. The beard awards are open to the industry's Beard care ranges and have a number of categories that you are able to enter and put your product to the test against the scrutiny of a bearded panel of judges as they apply, smell and view your overall look and feel that your brand is conveying.

This year Fjord beards took home 9 awards! Including winner for "best men's scent"! And was also a close runner up in the following "best shampoo conditioner" - "best beard butter" and "best new brand" with honorable mentions in "best men's scent" - "best beard butter" Quite a haul for its first time at the awards. 

Fjord Beards Co. founder Tania Usowicz was over the moon with the results as she had put in a lot of time, research and development of the balms, oils and washes ensuring only the best natural quality ingredients were used -

"it's not just about a quick sale for us, we want to change the perception out there amongst the blokes who have never tried a beard balm, beard oil or beard wash before and help them grow stronger healthier beards, this in turn leads to a solid trust of a product and brand and that's how we build relationships with our clients and barbers buy giving them products that actually work and don't cut corners by using cheaper and lesser quality ingredients." 

The range maybe small at the moment but Fjord Beards Co. is bent on adding only quality not quantity to its stable of beard care products. We want to be there for those about to embark on their bearded journey, a rite of passage some might say as one transitions from a boy to a man.

We welcome all the Bearded Warriors from the four corners of the world in our quest to educate and continue to provide award winning beard care for those who seek it out!