"Are you with us!"

"Are you with us!"

“When one’s FREEDOM is challenged the urge to create is STRONGER” , and that’s exactly how behind closed doors a working friendship dreamt of a Viking like era where men grew beards and relished in their longing for discovering new lands. Here in New Zealand our male counterparts also shared this fierce warrior like attitude and hence the name FJORD BEARDS CO. was born. 


"Premium beard care products proudly made in NZ"

Beard care oils and balms in a range of invigorating fragrances for the modern bearded man, inspired by nature and keeps performing in harsh temperatures.

Scents that complement nature like "SKAGERRAK" - "A fresh brisk ocean scent - that sneaks up and hits you in the face like a wave." "ROLLAGSFJELL" - "Like walking through a primeval forest and aligns with your hunter gatherer instinct."  "HYYGE" - [hue-gah] noun, " A quality of cosiness that comes from surrounding yourself with things that make you feel good and enjoying the simple pleasures in life. Feeling warm, comfortable and safe. "Warm and cosy like a Scandinavian bonfire". 

Fjord Beards Co here for your beard journey - isn't it about time you started yours . . .

No Matter what part of your beard journey you are on Fjord Beards Co has the product for you.

Individuality - "Fjord Beards Co understands every beard is different" - we only use the highest quality ingredients that replicate our natural surroundings. Like Jojoba Oil - Avocado Oil - Argan Oil.

Our easy-to-use spray applicator allows for no-fuss, no mess, quick application.

The bigger the beard the better Fjord Beard Balms perform. Built to tame the Woolly Mammoth! Men's Grooming kits with beard comb ready to untangle, groom and tame the fiercest of beards. But first start with our NEW Award-Winning Beard Wash!  A wash built to clean and not strip all of the essential natural oils your beard has - this is a full game changer with an amazing hygge scent that's prepped to save any man from having to shave his pride and joy.

So . . . . "Are you with us? !!! 

Well, if so, grow a beard like never before with a company that's passionate about giving you a helping hand, and support a local small business who will go to the lengths to make sure your supply never runs out.